List of features, updates and fixes per release version of SimpleSafe.

Version 1.13

  • UPDATE - Update database connector for default compatibility with PHP 5.4 and above.
  • UPDATE - Update procedure to include better warning/error feedback.
  • FIX - Fix issue with displayed profile field value having slashes stripped (a visual, not functional bug).

Version 1.12

  • UPDATE - Update password reset method to improve security process.
  • FIX - Allow for extremely long passwords for users.
  • FIX - Issue with group order causing a group to become hidden.

Version 1.11

  • FIX - An updated PHP method causing method’s return value to be interpreted incorrectly and therefore breaking AJAX requests.

Version 1.10

  • UPDATE - Allow disabling of update check
  • UPDATE - Better validation on update procedure. Checks to ensure copying permission temporarily enabled.
  • FIX - Fix issue where group order number causing issues with a user with matching ID number

Version 1.9

  • FEATURE - Duplicate profiles within a group (set in edit Profile)
  • FEATURE - Allow special characters in password generator (set in Preferences)
  • FEATURE - Order groups by custom position (set in edit Group)
  • UPDATE - Import procedure now creates column in order (taking into account existing columns)
  • UPDATE - Improved scrolling of group list when flowing out of window bounds
  • FIX - ‘Auto-logout’ timeout and ‘cookie’ timeout fixed
  • FIX - Undefined attribute in comet script
  • FIX - Allowing email accounts with four character domain extensions (i.e. mobi)

Version 1.8

  • FIX - Improve parsing of login data when using previously incompatible special characters
  • FIX - Fix user validation of modal template when accessing via direct request

Version 1.7

  • UPDATE - Removed deprecated functions from general validation rules
  • FIX - Fixed issue when deleting group the AJAX not refreshing groups & fields correctly
  • FIX - Fixed cookie error when trying to use variable that has not been declared

Version 1.6

  • UPDATE - Textarea option now available for fields
  • UPDATE - Added automatic link for any field value that represents SFTP
  • UPDATE - Fixed issues relating to CURL validation procedures

Version 1.5

  • UPDATE - Added automatic link for any field value that represents a https URI
  • FIX - Added CURL setting specific to some server settings that causes failed request
  • FIX - Fixed group list not showing navigation arrows after switching between groups
  • FIX - Fixed incorrect labelling of previous version number

Version 1.4

  • FIX - Fixed bug with back-slashes duplicating when rendering password fields

Version 1.3

  • UPDATE - Increased timeout for CURL requests to server
  • UPDATE - Addition of loading icon when changing groups
  • FIX - Improved handling of non-standard characters (e.g. em and en dashes) on incompatible servers and/or databases

Version 1.2

  • UPDATE - Additional security checks for AJAX calls and installation procedure
  • UPDATE - Additional security check on forms to prevent XSS attacks on servers with minimum security options enabled
  • FIX - Fixed issue with validation returning an error when system misinterprets ‘internet connection not detected’
  • FIX - Fixed incorrectly labelled sort options after changing groups

Version 1.1

  • FEATURE - Addition of groups
  • FEATURE - Specify user access per group
  • UPDATE - Requirements check prior to installation
  • FIX - Fixed issue with incorrect session expiry
  • FIX - Fixed issue with CURL feature when sending requests from secure site

Version 1.0

Launch version.